DUI - DWI - Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Why Retain a DUI Attorney?

Many attorneys claim to represent people charged with DUI/DWI offenses. Here are some matters to consider when choosing an attorney:

- How much of an attorney’s practice is devoted to DUI/DWI defense?

- Is DUI a primary area that the attorney practices in, or is it one of many unrelated areas by a general practitioner?

- What kind of specialized training have they invested in?

- Done properly, DUI defense is one of the most technical matters in the law.

- Do they take matters to trial, or they usually plea cases out?

- A plea can be a viable way to resolve a case in the right case.

- Does that attorney have the skill and knowledge to accurately and thoroughly evaluate the case to begin with?

- Some attorneys may plead out a case with no real effort or evaluation of the merits of the case.

- Some attorneys, while fine in other matters may not have the experience or DUI specific training o effectively challenge the evidence at trial.

The New York Times in early August 2015 described a DUI in Baltimore that totally ran off the tracks. As described in the article the allegations did not present a set of facts that are particularly unusual or disturbing. There is no indication from the article regarding whether there was consideration of the several common defenses present in nearly all DUIs. Then, once the plea was entered, the conditions of probation were shockingly oppressive. The lady ended up losing her job and spending time in jail for conditions that were largely beyond her control; and that could have been avoided. There were several possible ways forward at that point; apparently none were pursued.

The cases can be won, and better outcomes achieved.

I wouldn’t see my dentist for severe chest pains; you shouldn’t see a family law attorney for a DUI.

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