What is a PBJ?

Maryland Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney

Maryland law permits a judge in many situations to offer a person Probation Before Judgment (PBJ). Before a disposition of PBJ can be offered, there must first have been a finding of Guilty. The PBJ then is said to strike the “guilty” finding. Under Maryland law on a traffic charge the PBJ keeps points from being applied to a driving record, or prevents the guilty form being reported to the home state if it is an out of state license.

This can be valuable in many circumstances. However those employed by the federal government, the military or government contractors and licensed professionals have additional concerns. The PBJ does not prevent those employers from seeing the finding and treating it as a conviction, and in some cases it still must be reported to the employer or licensing authority. While the benefit of no points and “striking the guilty” can be valuable, it is not a solution for everyone and accepting a plea for a PBJ can have significant impact on continued employability.

Lastly, a PBJ on a DUI/DWI cannot be expunged..

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