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Retaining A Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Why Retain A DUI DWI Attorney

First, what is a DWI Attorney?  A quick read of attorney web sites or advertising might make you think that every attorney can defend a person against drunk driving charges. But reality is far from the images the Internet allows.

A drunk driving criminal defense lawyer devotes many, many hours to studying and learning the scientific, legal, technical, and esoteric details of the science of drinking. He hones his craft of defending against drunk driving charges over years of practice involving thousands of cases that have one thing in common: criminal charges.

Would a person suffering chest pains – maybe a heart attack - go to a dentist, even a very competent dentist?  I think not.  Then why would a person who is facing charges that can put them in prison for years upon years work with an attorney who advertises that he represents personal injury, landlord-tenant, family law, contracts, slip and fall, real estate closings, trusts and estates, and, oh yes, dabbles in drunk driving defense? While that attorney may have a particular expertise in some area, chances are it is not drunk driving defense, not nearly so with such a limited time to defend criminal cases.

Some Questions To Ask

What advanced training has that attorney attended? Attorney Richard Kodzis has attended many, including those offered at Harvard.  

Has the attorney taken the same courses that the police take to learn how to administer the road-side tests -  the so called standardized field sobriety tests (SFST)? Attorney Richard Kodzis has taken those classes. 

Have they taken the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Advanced Course approved by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to learn what the police are taught? Attorney Richard Kodzis has taken that course. 

Have they dedicated the effort to learn how the breathalyzer machine is designed to work? Attorney Richard Kodzis has learned how the breathalyzer words. 

How many hours or days of advanced DWI/DUI defense programs has that attorney undertaken?  Attorney Kodzis provides his many certificates on his profile from the many, many hours he has partaken of those advanced programs.

Has that attorney prepared DWI / DUI cases for trial, even for first offenses? It isn't the same as other cases. Attorney Richard Kodzis treats every case as though it will go to trial.

If the attorney you are considering has not pursued even those minimal qualifications, they are not seriously qualified to represent a person charged with DWI / DUI and may only be qualified to help you plead guilty. A babysitter can hold your hand as you plead guilty.

Attorney Kodzis Seeks The Best Outcome

There are no guarantees in this world when it comes to courtrooms. Outcomes vary greatly, but you owe it to yourself and your future to do all you can possibly do to achieve the best outcome possible.

I would not see my dentist for severe chest pains; you should not see a family law attorney for a DUI.

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