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Why Retain a DUI Attorney?

First, what is a DUI Attorney?  Surely from any review of attorney web sites or advertising it would  appear that almost everyone “does DUI defense.”  But what does that mean?  Those attorneys that are dedicated to competently representing the citizen accused of DUI have also dedicated themselves to learning  and understanding the science behind a competent defense as well as understanding the true impact of a DUI charge.

Would a person suffering chest pains – maybe a heart attack - go to a dentist, even a very competent dentist?  I think not.  Then why  work with an attorney who advertises that he represents  personal injury, landlord-tenant, family law, contracts, slip and fall, real estate closings, trusts and estates, and, oh yes, DUI?  He may be an exceptional family law lawyer.  But I submit if DUI is towards the bottom of the list, that that attorney views DUI defense as a cost center, but not one that she has invested very much effort in. 

What advanced training has that attorney attended?  Have they taken the same courses that the police take to learn how to administer the road-side tests -  the so called standardized field sobriety tests (SFST)?  Have they taken the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Advanced Course approved by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to learn what the police are taught?  Have they dedicated the effort to learn how the breathalyzer machine is designed to work? How many hours or days of advanced DUI/DWI defense programs has that attorney undertaken?  Do they prepare DUI cases for trial, even for first offenses?

If an attorney has not pursued even those minimal qualifications, she is not seriously qualified to represent someone charged with DUI and is perhaps of the mind that, well, thee cases can’t be won anyway, and the person will probably be offered a PBJ, and I can at least help the person (do what?, plead guilty?).

The cases can be won, and better outcomes achieved.

I wouldn’t see my dentist for severe chest pains; you shouldn’t see a family law attorney for a DUI.

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