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Maryland Criminal & Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Attorney Richard Kodzis exclusively devotes his time and energy to defending the rights of people who have been accused of committing a crime or driving while intoxicated. In addition to his many years as a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Kodzis also transcends his experiences as a former Baltimore City prosecutor and Naval Officer to both anticipate the prosecution's position and better defend his clients.

Approximately 70% of his law practice is devoted to defending people accused of drunk driving and representing people during Motor Vehicle Administration hearings; 30% of his law practice is devoted to defending people charged with felony or misdemeanor crimes in the state of Maryland and people facing Federal and state charges at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.

Drunk Driving Defense

Often times, people who are arrested for drunk driving find that a few extra moments at a happy hour, or a simple miscalculation of the number of drinks consumed, places not only their driver's license at risk, but also their property and income from their job. Some times, their freedom is at stake.

When one considers the penalties possible as a result of a conviction for a DWI under Maryland laws, it becomes clear that what is required is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate DUI defense attorney. Most, if not all attorneys can acquire the knowledge; after all, reading the law is their job. But it is the experience of trying numerous - over hundreds - of drunk driving cases, of having been on the other side of the courtroom forming the convicting prosecution strategies and the discipline that comes from years of service in the U.S. Navy that truly sets Attorney Kodzis apart from all the rest.

If you are facing prosecution for an alleged drunk driving offense, remember this: an accusation is NOT a conviction; don't surrender your rights and freedom; drunk driving charges can be fought, and in a good percentage of cases, they can beat. Before you even consider hiring an attorney that will simply enter a no contest or guilty plea, call us for a free initial consultation.

mva hearings: driver's license suspension & revocation

In Maryland, drivers charged with drunk driving, or other serious traffic offenses, can lose their driver's licenses or have their driving privileges severely restricted. However, drivers have the right to request a hearing to challenge the suspension or revocation of their driving privileges. That process is referred to as an MVA hearing.

Attorney Richard Kodzis regularly defends people at MVA hearings who are facing driver's license suspension and revocation. He offers a free initial consultation; you can call him (410-729-1080) today.

Criminal Defense

If you think that the arrest was a terrifying experience, can you even begin to imagine spending years in a state or federal prison

Attorney Richard Kodzis believes that every criminal defense case begins with caring about your client.

As Attorney Kodzis said of drunk driving offenses, all good lawyers should be able to acquire knowledge of the law; that's an accomplished law student's first responsibility. Yet, few lawyers have the experience and trial skills to win outright acquittals in the tough Maryland courts or federal courts.

Attorney Kodzis is preceded at trial by his reputation for being prepared to win. That's a discipline one can only learn through years of experience in preparing for and winning numerous criminal cases. That's the skill and discipline that Attorney Kodzis brings to the courtroom when he stands by your side to fight for your rights, to protect you from wrongful prosecution and to seek your exoneration.

Attorney Richard Kodzis has represented people and astounded the prosecution in numerous criminal cases, and frequently handles the types of cases listed below. He will defend a person regardless of the charges.

the kodzis Approach

YOU are the reason we practice law. At the Law Office of Richard Kodzis, you will receive the individual case and professional effort that you deserve.

Free initial consultation

Attorney Richard Kodzis offers a free initial consultation to anyone who has been accused, arrested or charged with a criminal or drunk driving offense, or to the parents or loved ones seeking to hire an attorney on behalf of another.

In all criminal and drunk driving cases, time is a critical factor. Call Attorney Kodzis at 410-729-1080 for a free initial consultation.

Legal Counsel with Convenience

In some cases, people feel more comfortable discussing their legal issues in the comfort of their home; in other cases, a person has been hospitalized and cannot come to our office; some of our clients are in custody. When you cannot come to us, we will go to you.

Maryland Attorney

Attorney Richard Kodzis is licensed to practice law in the state of Maryland. He represents people in every court in Maryland, and most frequently appears in the courts in Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince George County, Montgomery County, and Calvert County, Howard County, Hartford County, Carroll County and Baltimore County, Maryland. His office is located in Pasadena, and he often travels to Annapolis, Ellicott City, Westminister, Towson and Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Fort Meade and the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis.


Attorney Richard (Dick) Kodzis offers anyone who has been arrested (and those who are seeking an attorney to represent another who has been arrested) a free initial meeting. He is also willing to make in-home, hospital and prison visits if clients cannot meet him at his office in Pasadena, Maryland.

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